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We prepare our students for postsecondary success by providing them with information that is not typically taught informal academic settings. Our train-the-trainer program raises students’ college and career expectations, confidence,and skills to navigate the college-going process. The Roadmap to Success Program consists of 2 complete year-long packages, providing educators with multifaceted program elements in a variety of classroom settings to actively increase student expectations, motivation, and college knowledge. Additionally, we offer Parent Workshops as a resource to better inform the whole family of our program participants.

For more information about EOD and to see a sample of our curriculum, please follow this link. You will beable to see:

  1. An Example Lesson: “Paying for College” with the Powerpoint, Lesson Plan, and pages from the Roadmap to Success student manual
  2. A sample student activity page from the manual “Why Go to School
  3. Our Scope and Sequence documents (both the Introductory and Advanced) detailing our Learning Objectives and Key Points
  4. Our Program Menu highlighting the “Introductory 101 College and Career” and “201 Advanced College and Career” Programs
  5. Video Testimonials from a Principal, Teacher, and students


Education Opens Doors works with schools and organizations to equip students, starting as early as middle school, with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate purposefully through high school to post-secondary success. The cornerstone of the Roadmap to Success Program is a self-guided student manual titled Roadmap to Success. Our work is aimed at increasing students’ college expectations and attainability.


  • The Roadmap to Success manual is composed of college and career knowledge, as well as soft skills not taught in traditional academic courses.
  • In addition to the student manual, Education Opens Doors provides program implementation support, correlating instructional tools, and engaging lesson plans aligned to the manual and the specific needs of the school.
  • Since our pilot year, Education Opens Doors has empowered over 10,000 students in the Dallas area through targeted partnerships with public and charter schools, as well as after-school and mentor organizations.
  • Our goal is to empower over 8,000 students over the 2016-2017 school year!

Visit our Current Impact page to learn more about what’s going on with us today, or read our most recent results here!