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Eva is the first in her family to be born in the United States…

Eva was an 8th grader in Ms. Batchelder’s science classroom. At the time, she was the oldest in her family who could speak English, and living below the poverty line in a 2-bedroom house with at least 8 occupants at any given time. Despite the immediate obstacles she faced, she was a bright and dedicated young woman with ambition and goals for her future. She was very quiet and withdrawn, but always willing to try her best at her school work. Eva was part of the inspiration behind the creation of the Roadmap to Success manual, as well as a living testimony to the positive impact the program can have on an individual and their family. Eva received the first edition of the student manual when she was a 9th grader, and it has impacted her life as she has journeyed through high school. Her freshman year, she modified her class schedule to be placed on the Distinguished instead of the Recommended track, once she learned the impact it would have on applying to college. She learned, among other things, about GPA, the importance of AP classes, the timeline for SAT preparation, and how to navigate her college search. The summer after receiving the manual, Eva spoke highly of the program’s impact: “Without my Roadmap to Success, I would not have been able to get my first job. I used it to practice interview questions, create my resume, and to know what to wear. I knew exactly what to expect and I got the job at Six Flags!”


Later the following school year, Eva’s mother told Ms. Batchelder, in Spanish translated by Eva, that this book is the only resource she has to use to help Eva go to college and receive a scholarship. She expressed that she wants to help her daughter, but that she does not understand the American education system and does not know where to begin. Since the manual is written at a student-friendly level, she and Eva are able to go through it together and use it as a guide to prepare for college applications. Over the course of Eva’s academic career, the Roadmap to Success Program positively impacted Eva’s life in multiple ways, and will continue to do so as she becomes the first in her family to graduate from college. Eva is currently enrolled in college, with most of her tuition paid for by scholarships, and is on track to achieve her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

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