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Education Opens Doors is turning college aspiration into reality. Over the 2016-17 school year, we empowered over 8,700 students by supporting 182 teachers with the Roadmap to Success Program at 48 partner sites.  A full list of our current program sites is available here.

Our pre-test data shows tremendous room for growth, which will be driven by quality instruction and our comprehensive lessons for 6th – 12th graders throughout the school year.

Teachers are saying:

“The kids were so excited to be learning about this material that they didn’t want to leave class!”

View a teacher testimonial on the power of the Roadmap to Success Program.

Principals are saying:

“Education Opens Doors and its early awareness program will not only provide students with the tools they need to plan for post-secondary education, but also make a positive school-wide impact on student achievement.”

View a principal testimonial here.




Key: Public School Programs, Charter School Programs,  Private School Programs, Magnet School Program, Non-Profit Partnerships, Remote Sites

Last year, we empowered 5,400 students and 202 teachers.

See our 2015-2016 Program Summary