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Recommendations for Implementing the Roadmap to Success Program

There are various ways to empower your students and we leave that decision up to you!

A new offering for the 2016-2017 school year is our Roadmap to Success Program Menu, which highlights our two curriculums. EOD offers an introductory 101 and advanced 201 version of our program. Both of these options are available in a middle or high school setting. The Introductory 101 program offers a basic overview of some of our most important topics, such as understanding how to build a résumé. Whereas our Advanced 201 program is a continuation that builds off of our 101 program and applies that knowledge, such as our lesson on writing a résumé. Through this updated format, under the recommendation and feedback from teachers in the classroom, a complete two year packed can be brought to your school based out of our Roadmap to Success student manual.

Our Introductory: College and Career 101 Scope & Sequence and our Advanced: College and Career 201 Scope & Sequence

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