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Key Supporter Monthly Giving Program


Did you know that it only costs $100 to put one student through the year-long, life-changing Roadmap to Success Program?

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Key Supporter of EOD. Our goal is to recruit 250 individuals or families who will be invested in the growth of our students and contribute either $8.35 each month for a $100 annual gift, or make a monthly contribution in an amount of personal significance. Your monthly investment will sponsor students in our programs, allowing EOD to increase our impact in schools. Our ultimate goal is to unlock the door to success for even more students by giving them the college knowledge and skills that they need to navigate their educational career.

“I always heard I should go to college, but don’t know people who have gone. Now I know what college is and how to get there. If it wasn’t for Roadmap to Success, I wouldn’t know that I have a chance.” – 8th Grade Student

Not only will your donation support a student in our program, but by signing up to make a monthly donation, you will provide us with funds to sustain our program year-round, and allow us to effectively scale our program. In addition, you’ll receive a few exclusive benefits as a token of our gratitude.

Membership Perks:

–     Quarterly reports on the impact of your investment

–     A personalized badge to post on social media to tell your friends about your unique commitment

–     Exclusive updates on EOD program news and events

Are you ready to become a Key Supporter, and unlock the door to success for a student?

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