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Education Opens Doors is proud to have a collective impact in our community.

EOD 2015 Financial Summary

“At Teach For America we believe that not only must children receive a high quality academic education, but that to be truly successful students must adopt a “college-bound” mindset and build skills to ensure they are competitive in college admissions vs. the broader college-bound student body.  Students growing up in low-income communities and first generation college-bound students benefit from programs and teachers who can help them build these college-bound skills.  Given these beliefs and experience of TFA nationwide, we believe there is a need for programs such as Roadmap to Success, developed by Jayda in partnership with fellow TFA alumni.”

Alexandra Hales, Executive Director of Teach For America Dallas-Fort Worth

DallasISD“I am excited at the prospect of enhancing this partnership further through a pilot adoption of the Education Opens Doors guided instructional program and the Roadmap to Success student manual. Middle school students, especially those in challenging environments, greatly benefit from a structure college awareness and readiness program that is aligned with and supports the TFA access goals we have at our campus. I view this college access guided program as one that can be easily woven into our existing Advisory curriculum, created in partnerships with our school counselors, to further increase student preparedness and college awareness at the middle school level. This early awareness program will not only provide students with the tools they need to plan for post-secondary education, but also make a positive school-wide impact on student achievement.”

-Tim Hise, former Principal at Ann Richards Middle School