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Roadmap to Success, the student guide that is the backbone of our program, is the result of the collaborative efforts of Teach for America alumni who shared our vision.

Roadmap to Success is the culmination of a common belief that students need more resources and soft skills to help them navigate through high school to college.  Education Opens Doors is the furthering of that vision.  The individuals below collaborated over several months to develop content and field-test it in real classrooms.  Actual students interacted with the material, demonstrating its value and importance.  These authors were moved to bring their project to completion.

Jayda Batchelder and Education Opens Doors cannot express enough gratitude to each of these individuals for their contribution to Roadmap to Success.  This student guide simply would not be the viable student resource it is today without the help and collaboration of these generous teachers and colleagues. This group of Teach for America alumni worked together to share their expertise, personal knowledge, and skills to fill a need they saw for their students, and it is making a difference.

Our Roadmap to Success Authors:

Not pictured:

Jack Wallace

John Maher